My Approach

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Steven Keightley, LMFT ·

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My Approach

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Steve Keightley, LMFT

My approach to your counseling and therapeutic work is engaged and experiential. This allows space for our here-and-now experience in the room, the words and feelings we are sharing in the moment, and your ongoing narrative of your life. I also attune to non-verbal communications, noticing and naming them when appropriate and looking for patterns that may help us to understand your distress. If I sometimes seem quiet in our work, it is because I am thinking about what you have said and how best to share my insights with you. This space also invites your feelings and responses into the room.

The duration of psychotherapy ranges from short-term, goal-oriented work to longer-term depth work focused on exploration and discovery.

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