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Men’s Issues, Counseling for Men

Therapy and Counseling for Men Steven Keightley, MA, MFT As men we can often feel like we have to go it alone, or solve our problems by ourselves. This can result in stress, depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. We can struggle in our careers, our relationships, our families and never seem to feel like we make the right choices. … Continue reading Men’s Issues, Counseling for Men

Clinical Consultation

Clinical Consultation Steven Keightley, MA, MFT My primary approach to clinical consultation is psychodynamic, although I don’t use it exclusively. The psychoanalytic underpinnings of the psychodynamic approach are a foundation for clinical understanding and insight. Despite the prevalence of behavioral treatment in our field today, I strongly believe there is a place for the unconscious in our clinical work and in our understanding … Continue reading Clinical Consultation

Therapy for Adults

Therapy for Adults Steven Keightley, MA, MFT In addition to my work with men, I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients, regardless of gender. Clients generally find me to be patient, grounded, and intuitive. I am interested in your story and what has compelled you to seek help. If something you’ve read or seen … Continue reading Therapy for Adults

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