Pasadena Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling, Relationship Therapy

Steven Keightley, MA, MFT

pasadena-psychotherapist-04We can feel stuck in our relationships, experiencing stress, depression, anxiety, or even panic because we lose sight of our partner’s point of view. We find ourselves having the same arguments about the same topics and we never seem able to break out of these cycles of conflict. Couples counseling can be an effective way to interrupt these dysfunctional patterns, gain insight into their causes, and develop strategies to cope with future conflict.

My goal in effective couples counseling  and relationship therapy is to create a safe, impartial space for the expression of feelings and grievances, to improve communication, and to re-establish a sense of connection. I seek out historical patterns in the relationship that are being enacted in the present. I also help the couple to become more aware of these destructive cycles so they can learn how to interrupt them when they occur.

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