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Therapy and Counseling for Men

Steven Keightley, MA, MFT

Therapy for men in Pasadena

As men we can often feel like we have to go it alone, or solve our problems by ourselves. This can result in stress, depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation. We can struggle in our careers, our relationships, our families and never seem to feel like we make the right choices. Sometimes it takes a partner or friend to tell us we need to look at issues in our life before we take action. Men can feel hesitant about working with a female therapist, for a variety of reasons. As a male clinician, I offer an alternative to this perceived difficulty. I have many years’ experience working with men individually and in groups, and in a variety of therapy settings.

My goal in therapy is to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share your true feelings and attain deeper understanding of your struggles, dreams, and goals. I listen to your story, desires, and goals for therapy. I like to work with dreams and to consider the spiritual dimensions of the therapeutic relationship. Clients experience me as caring, empathic, intuitive, grounded, and patient.

In the Fall of 2014 I became certified with the California Association of Anger Management Providers (CAAMP) and incorporate some of those strategies into my work with clients. Anger is a healthy emotion. It is the expression of anger that can get us in trouble. Skills and consciousness can be taught to improve relationships and communication.

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